Timing Chains

“With dual overhead cams, you would need five pounds of chain and the guides to go with them.” Close, But Not Entirely Accurate. See Above Comments.


And I also change my oil at 5k miles…Now if I didn’t have an interference engine then I’d probably NOT worry about it. But when a chain starts to make a little noise…it’s then you better get it changed. Could it last another 50k miles or so…MAYBE. Chains don’t have to BREAK to cause a problem. A chain that slips on an interference engine will do just as much damage as a timing belt does when it breaks.

I’ve said this MANY times before…but for some reason CCA you ALWAYS misinterpret it.

A TIMING CHAIN is ALWAYS BETTER - ON A NON-INTERFERENCE ENGINE. If however it’s an interference engine then a BELT is better. It’s a maintenance item that’s far far cheaper to replace then a timing chain. Since MOST people don’t keep their vehicles past 150k miles then a CHAIN is better. And that’s why manufacturers are going back to chains. It’s cheaper for the owner. But I’m in that 5% minority who keep their vehicles past the 250k mile mark. I’d prefer to have a vehicle that’s a non-interference engine with a timing chain. But if an engine is an interference engine AND you keep your vehicles past the 250k miles then a timing belt is financially BETTER…FAR BETTER.

I could have bought a Cherokee with the 4.0…But maintenance costs on that vehicle are way way too high…especially when you get past 150k miles.

It’s recommended that cycle chains be removed, cleaned in kerosene, and soaked in oil every 1000k miles.

I’ve never seen a motorcycle drive chain last 1,000,000 miles, let alone have that long of a service interval. :wink:

Having a motorcycle with an O-ring sealed chain, I don’t remove and bathe the chain at all. I simply lubricate it and wipe the excess chain oil with a clean rag until the chain is clean. However, I have read about removing and bathing a chain at least once a year. The OEM Honda chain on my Nighthawk 750 barely requires any adjusting, which is supposed to be done every 500 miles. Maybe it would stretch more if I rode it more like a madman. I don’t know.