Timing Chains on 2001 Dodge Intrepids



Would you recommend getting a timing chain replaced on a 2001 Dodge Intrepid that has 160,000 miles on it?? I plan to keep the car for awhile yet but am not sure if $1200 would be a smart investment or not?? Could you please give me some advice on this??

Thanks for your help!!


what does your owners manual recommend?


Are you changing it because it’s making a rattling sound and been diagnosed? What condition is the rest of the car in? Do you like the car?

When I changed the timing chain on my Toyota pickup at 200,000 miles everyone said “why bother”. The truck ran strong for another 138,000 miles until it was hit by an errant Hyundae at 338,000 miles.


I like to change my timing chains every 200k miles (give or take), but they will probably last considerably longer. However, at some point the chain “stretch” begins to affect the cam timing. i prefer to replace the chain to playing around with off-set keys to restore the timing.


I’m also curious as to why you think the chain should be changed. Rattling, something you’ve been told, etc.?


Not worth it anyway on the intrepid. There is just not enough value left in the car. Wait until a head gasket gives out and then do it.


A good mechanic can measure the lost motion in the crank to cam. I have never seem a tolerance for this but a mechanic who has worked on a lot of worn engines would probably have worked up a number. So ask your mechanic if he has a tolerance, then ask him to measure the lost motion in your engine. That will give you an idea of how much longer you can go before replacing the chain, crank gear and and cam gear.


Um, which engine does your car have? Are you sure it has a chain and not a belt?


I don’t see any reason to do this unless you have evidence to believe the chain is stretched or not tensioned properly (these vehicles did have problems with their tensioners)…

That’s why I like chains - less maintenance required. And even better is if you get a chain on an oldfashioned OHV pushrod engine. Nice short chain with no tensioners… :slight_smile:


Just canged my friends 1998 dodge belt. I,am not sure about your car but we had to get a complete kit with new cover and grears . there was a problem with this year and every thing had to change look for a tsb on timing belts problems.