Timing Chain

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla which has a timing chain and not belt. Any suggestions at to when to have it replaced before I have problems with it? My current mileage is 126,500.

Timing chains don’t need to be replaced unless they begin to show any issues. Just stay with the recommended oil change regimen & it should outlast the rest of the car.

If you change oil frequently enough and if you use the oil specified in your manual, you may NEVER have to change the timing chain. Notice all the IFFs. Timing chains like fresh, clean lube oil of the right viscosity.

I have owned cars since 1958 and have ever only replaced one timing chain, on a 1984 Impala Chevy V8, which was 11 years old at that time.

As the manual says, stick to the oil and filter change intervals and you can forget about the chain until it starts rattling around 250,000 miles or so. Then replace it along with tensioner.

Timing chains will eventually need to be changed. The chains will stretch over time. But this shouldn’t happen until 250k miles or more. And before the chain starts to go it’ll start making noises.

Keep an eye on the chain tensioner cover, rear of engine passenger side.
It’s common for the o-ring to harden and develop an oil leak.


I take a quick peek at it each time I change the oil on my 2006 Matrix.