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06 matrix vs. my Fater-in-law!

OK, my father-in-Law (FIL) states that I need to get the timing CHAIN on my '06 toyota matrix replaced because it has 100K miles on it now. Is this true?

What does your manual say? Does it have a chain? If so, no replacement ever needed.

That engine does, indeed, have a timing chain.
Timing chains–unlike timing belts–are not replaced proactively, as they normally give audible clues before they need to be replaced and this is not normally until you have racked up perhaps…over 175k miles.

I suggest that you either ignore your FIL or simply thank him for his sage advice and tell him that you did get the timing chain replaced, along with your blinker fluid and your muffler bearings.

Timing “belts” need to be replaced every 100k miles or about 7 years…Timing chains last usually longer then 250k miles.

As Texases and VDC have already stated, chains are designed to last the life of the engine. Should one wear out (I had one wear out at 200,000 miles) it’ll become noisy before failing completely. They rarely suddenly break.

I like VDC’s suggestion for a response.

He is looking out for you.

However like everyone stated timing chains don’t need replacement at a specified interval. They are essentially a lifetime item for most owners.

Perhaps back in the day chains were replaced on those old cast iron blocks

The chain is not replaced on a schedule, but…
Check the timing chain tensioner cover for oil leakage.
It’s located on the back, right side of the engine. Near the serpentine belt, facing the firewall.
There’s an o-ring that hardens and the oil can run down the back-side of the engine unnoticed.
It’s a little plate about an inch long with two bolts.
Just feel it and see if it’s oily.

You should have changed the transmission fluid/oil 3 times by now.