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Timing chain

I have a 2002 Saturn L200 with 165000 miles and it has the original timing chain. Should I replace it?

Timing chains do not need to be replaced. The chain should las the life of the engine. This is one of the nice things about timing chains.

If your car has a 6 cylinder engine it has a timing belt, which requires periodic replacement.

The 4 cylinder has a chain.

If your timing chain is making noise that was not there when the car was new, yes, replace it. Timing chains can make a little noise when new that you will not hear from a motor with a timing belt. It takes better than a tin ear to detect the difference.

Timing chains DO need replacing…but usually not until 250k miles or more. And one nice thing about chains…is they usually start making noise before they slip. Chains will slip before they break. And if this isn’t a interference engine…I wouldn’t worry about it.