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2007 Hyundai Accent - Timing belt broken

My 2007 Hyundai accent two door hatchback broke down, luckily I was in a residential area doing only about 35 miles an hour with my dog. turns out the timing belt broke but I don’t know if the engine is ruined. I was informed that if the valve is no good it’s time to look for another car. Even if it’s fixed, what’s the point? Should I just get another car? It has an interference engine. After I broke down I started it again. No go. The tow truck driver started as well. This may have caused more damage?

Since it is an interference engine, likely there is damage to both the valves and pistons. You will probably need a replacement engine.
Chances are, even with a used motor, the motor and labor cost will exceed the value of your vehicle.

A 13 year old bottom of the line Hyundai is a disposable car, time to dispose of it.

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Odds are the basic engine itself is fine. The damage would be in the cylinder head only in most all cases.
The cheapest way out is with another head and file any burrs off of any nicks in the piston tops.

You would have to price this job around to see if it’s actually worth doing. If the car has a 200k miles on it or whatever then it may be time to throw in the towel. If mileage is comparatively low and the car is somewhat clean with no rust then it may be doable.


How old was the timing belt?

I’d guess it was 13 years old.


I believe the timing belt is 13 years old, same age as the car. It’s my fault for not getting it switched out.

13 years most likely

Would any harm be done to put on a new belt, make sure everything is lined up and in synch, and try starting the engine? What are the chances it’ll run OK?

And if OK, go ahead and put in a new water pump, maybe seals, maybe accessories drivebelt(s)?

Timing chain broke in an interference engine of my daughters, have a mechanic who works on the side, $1200. Ran fine for a couple of years until we traded it in.

What did he do/replace?

Replaced the heads, inspected the cylanders, replaced timing chain and oil injector that lubricated the timing chain as far as I recall. 2003 Saturn.

The sons timing belt broke on his 97 Acura CL with the 2,3 L engine, while doing 75 MPH.

Not one bent valve!


Did you have to take it apart very much to find that out?


A borescope thru the spark plug holes confirmed it.


Few or no dents on the tops of the pistons? What all can you see with one of those?

You see the top of the pistons if any of the valves hit, and you can see the valves and if any are bent.


Who’s going to do the repair . . . ?!

You . . . ?!

A shop . . . ?!

If you’re going to do it yourself, it’s a no-brainer. Install a timing belt and hope for the best

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