Timing belt

Dealer,apart from replacing t/belt,w/pump,

c/seal, also wants to replace ten. idlers

c/seals which are labor intensive for over

2 grand. Ind. mech. suggested to go with

t/belt,w/pump and the crank seal for about

750.00. He said the other parts are good for another 100000 miles. I agree with the mech. It is my daughter’s car so I need your advice, thanks in advance.

OK. Info-MSG. Pls incl. Mlg on prsnt cr.

Year, Make, Model, Mileage Please…

It sure ain’t a 2011 Lexus…

Sorry, 2003 Lexus gs470,120000 miles, V8. Need to remove the camshafts to replace the c/seals.

Any idlers or tensioners should always be replaced with a timing belt job. Many an engine has been ruined because someone replaced a belt only while ignoring the water pump, leaking cam seals, or idlers/tensioners.

I’m pretty sure this is an interference engine so compare the cost of that tensioner kit against the price of a Lexus V-8 engine top end rebuild at best or a total engine replacement at worst.

Ask your mechanic if he’s willing, in writing, to stand behind his theory of seals and tensioners being good for 220,000 miles and pay for any damage if the worst comes to pass.

we give the owner of the vehicle the choice, no idlers or tensioner or do them with the job. if customer says no idlers or tensioner then we make note of it and if it fails then the owner is responsible. pay a little now or a lot later