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Timing belt replacement

Timing belt replacement - What else should be done on my 2007 Lexus GX 470 ?

The parts stores like Auto Zone sell a complete timing kit that is your answer in a box.
Belt, water pump, tensioners and idler pulley.
Consider the serpentine belt at this time too.

Most kits does not include the cam and crank seals you should replace at the time. We also recommend thermostat and hoses.

Don’t consider the serp belt too… DO the serp belt too! Sorry Ken, no disrespect intended.
Actually, I can’t imagine anyone doing the timing belt and putting the same serp belt back on, so expect it to be in the list of parts on the shop order.

Your coolant is 6 years old at this point as well, so you may want to consider having that purged and refilled with new fluid. This should be done every 5 years.

If you haven’t had the brakes done yet, a brake fluid change might be a good idea too. It’s cheap and prudent.

Batteries are 5-year expected life as well, so if it were me I’d think about changing it. Or at least testing it. Beyond 5 years batteries can begin to go down hill. They do, after all, store and release electricity using chemical processes that are erosive long term on the plates inside them.

Also, check the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule that came with the car. That may make some additional recommendations.

I would only replace seals that are leaking. If the crank and cam seals aren’t leaking, I don’t see the point in replacing them.

Doing the water pump on a car this young is something I consider optional. I replace my water pump with every other timing belt job. However, since this is a Lexus and not a Chevy, I’m going to assume money isn’t an issue, so it couldn’t hurt to have the timing belt done at the same time. I do the same thing with the other belts, replacing them with every other timing belt job.

Other than that, I agree with getting the whole kit and jot just the belt, replacing the tensioner and idle pulleys if it’s applicable.

Buying a kit is the way to go. If you search hard, you can find a kit with everything including seals in it. Just be careful and do not buy those cheapo kits, look for japan or original kits. I changed my timing belt in my CR-V and found a high quality japan kit for a fraction of the price on Amazon. Your car is a Lexus, so pretty much it has the same engine as a similar model Toyota.

All great comments above. Do you have a good inde mechanic that does the service on your car? If so, ask the shop, they’ll give you the straight dope on what you need. The belt, tensioner, and idler pulleys are a good idea to replace while everything is taken apart. hmmm. … If I were doing it for my own car, I’d take a look at the water pump, if it looked ok, no seeping, and it spun freely, made no weird noises, rock solid feel to it, I probably wouldn’t replace it. And I wouldn’t replace any seals unless they were leaking or seeping, except perhaps the valve cover seals. I might spring for new ones of those. I would replace the coolant if it is needed, and all the accessory drive belts, which on your car is probably just one, the serpentine belt. If the cooling system continues to behave, no over or under heating, then I’d leave the thermostat alone.