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Timing belt

1985 chrysler 2.2 no turbo 54,000 miles body good is it worth putting timing belt in ? is this a “interferiance” engine ? ie belt break kiss valves goodby?

If you parked the car and it then it would not start, the valves are fine.

still driving car. pops thru intake when driving.

No it’s not an interference.

If the car is otherwise in good ahape then yes, it is worth putting a new timing belt in, especially of this is tha original belt. 25 years is an awfully long time to go on a belt.

I’m guessing that you’ve not done any diagnosis for the popping and are assuming it’s caused by a stretched timing belt, that may have jumped a cog, causing the valves to be out of synch with the crank. I’m guessing that you’re probably correct. Whether you are or not, you are long overdue for a new belt.