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Timing belt

does 04 honda accord have metal or fabric timing belt? Does it need changing? When?

Timing belts are made of rubber, not metal or fabric.

Yes, the timing belt does need changing at certain time or mileage intervals. This information will be located in your owner’s manual. Failure to replace the belt will eventually result in belt breakage, which can lead to very expensive internal engine damage.

If you’ve never looked at your owner’s manual, now would be a good time to start.

The timing belt maker, Gates ( list timing belt part T329, and a change interval of 105,000 miles FOR THE V6, THROUGH 2004; AND, THROUGH 2002 for the 4 cylinder engine.
Yes, if it’s a 6 cylinder engine (2004), it needs changing. A timing belt failure is very expensive ($2,000 to $3,000).
Again, that’s:

As Budd said, timing belts are made of rubber, albeit with some interior cords for strength.

However, the OP’s reference to metal leads to the question of whether this engine might have a timing chain, rather than a timing belt. Some manufacturers–including both Honda and Toyota–have begun to utilize timing chains due their usual lifetime service. I don’t know offhand if the '04 Accord is one of the Honda models that use a timing chain, rather than a belt, but there is an unimpeachable source for the information, namely the car’s manufacturer.

As budd implied, all that the OP has to do is to open the glove compartment, take out the Owner’s Manual, and consult the Honda Maintenance Schedule contained therein. If the engine has a timing belt, it will be listed for changing at the 90k/100k/105k interval. If there is no mention of a timing belt being replaced at 90k/100k/105k, then by default the engine must have a timing chain.

This is an interference engine so yes you’ll need the timing belt replaced. If it wasn’t a interference engine then if the belt broke you’d just have to get it towed and then fixed…but when a belt breaks on a interference engine then there’s a good chance engine damage will occur…which will cost you THOUSANDS.

A metal timing belt is called a TIMING CHAIN. And they usually don’t need to be inspected/changed until over 250k miles.

No one has answered your question properly.

The V6 engine has timing belt and it gets changed at 8yrs/105k.

In 2003-present the more common 4 cylinder engine uses a timing chain and no replacement needed unless it gets noisy.

What andrew j says is true, in view of the fact that the OP failed to tell us which engine he/she has in that '04 Accord. However, the advice that budd and I gave, namely for the OP to read the car’s maintenance schedule (perhaps for the first time!) would definitely yield the correct answer.

I really want to put the onus on all car owners to open up the Owner’s Manual and to utilize the information provided by the manufacturer. You know–Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. If we can get people to read the Owner’s Manual and to follow the maintenance schedule, we are–in effect–teaching them how to fish.

The truth is though the manual won’t won’t answer his question, of steel(timing chain) or fabric(rubber belt).

Kudo’s for the OP to ask. Maintenance manual’s are great if still in the glove box, used cars that is a rarity.

Of course it will answer the question as to whether the car has a timing belt or a timing chain!
I don’t think that the issue is really rubber vs steel in the OP’s mind, but rather whether there is a need for maintenance on the part that drives the camshafts on this engine.

All the OP has to know is whether the engine is a 4 or a 6, and the OP has to be able to interpret the notations in the maintenance schedule mentioning differences in procedures for the two engines. This does require the ability to “read into” the text, but the answer is there.

I also want to give kudos to the OP for asking, but I also urge him/her to start utilizing the materials provided by the car’s manufacturer. And, if this car was purchased as a used car, I urge the OP to buy an Owner’s Manual from a cheap source, such as e-bay. These manuals are very important to have.

many thsnks to all, especially andrew j. auto is a 4 cyl and manual doesn’t specify belt or chain explicitly but does say replacement only needed on 6 cyl belt. Again, thanks

As long as you understand that your 4 cylinder 2004 Honda Accord has a timing chain, and, therefor, does not need scheduled replacement.