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Timing belt

What can I expect done to my 1999 Acura 3.0

When I pay $700.00 to have my timing belt changed

New timing belt, new water pump, and a new timing belt tensioner.


Not necessarily.
If the price quote is from a dealership, it might be just for the timing belt.
I agree that the water pump and tensioner should be changed, but that price quote may or may not include those items.

You should be asking this question of the mechanic who’s doing the work.

How are we to know what someone else is doing?

You have not given us sufficient information.

Timing Belt 53.60
waterpump 161.68
antifreeze 34.99
2 belts @27.95 each
R&Rwaterpump /timimgbelt 375.00
shop supplier 19.77
R? axle assy? 243.36
Total $1000.00 W/ tax

The price you paid is not out of line for dealer service.

Just today I had my Acura serviced by the dealer (there was a recall), and I discovered their labor rate is $96.00 per hour.

This is one of the reasons my Acura hasn’t been to the dealer in seven years.

The price sounds very fair but the ante needs to be upped a bit. I see no belt tensioner/idler in that list.
Extra part but there should be very little if any extra labor involved.

I hope this repair has not been done already and the prices are simply an estimate.


Realize too you can use a Honda dealer or any independent as this 3.0L engine is shared with Honda’s and common.

I caught that too. It looks like the OP is having a CV joint (half shaft) replaced also. That explains the difference between the $700 in the question and the $1000 quote.