Timing Belt replacement?

My 2000 Honda CRV has 103k miles. No problems with the car but hubby thinks it should have ALL maintenance done that is suggested in the manual. Is it all necessary? Timing belt? All fuel changed?

Yes - do all maintenance as listed in the manual. Some of the things in the manual should probably be done even more frequently (e.g. transmission service, coolant exchange)

Timing belt - ABSOLUTELY!! This is also a time that it makes sense to replace the water pump.

What does “All fuel changed?” mean? The fuel gets changed regularly as you drive - ?

Do the things that the car maker, Honda, lists in the scheduled maintenance. Don’t let the dealer pile items onto the list because of what HE (the car dealer, and his agents), recommends.
The timing belt MUST be changed. Of all the things which you might let slide, DON’T let the timing belt change slide.

I’ll bet she meant “all fuel filters” changed. You are quite correct Cigroller . . . fuel gets changed as we drive our vehicles. Rocketman

“Is it all necessary? Timing belt?”

Only if you want to avoid having the engine suddenly–and without warning–self-destruct!

If you are fine with having the engine die (literally), along with your power steering and your power brake booster while you are in the left lane, passing semi-trailers, then by all means you can wait until the timing belt breaks. On the other hand, if you care about your safety and the safety of others who ride in your car, you should really abide by the maintenance procedures listed in the manual.

Since the vehicle is about 2 years overdue for timing belt replacement on the basis of elapsed time, I would suggest having ALL of the listed maintenance work done a.s.a.p., unless you want to add about $1,500-$2,000 in repair costs to the cost of maintenance.

Why try to 2nd guess the people who designed your car in the first place? the belt should be replaced on time alone, it’s 10 years old as it is.