Car wont crank after timing belt and water pump replacement

I replaced the timing belt and water pump on my 93 camry 2.2 140,000 miles. I used several videos as reference, I did every thing as instructed. I triple checked the markes one the crank & cam shaft and did the extra two turnes on the crank shaft as well. The makes where aligned and every thing looks good but now the car doesn’t crank. Before I started relaplacing the belt and water pump it would crank but wont start because the timing belt snapped now it doesn’t crank. The lights in the dash and radio turn on but when I turn the key to start the engine nothing happens. I’m at a loss right now. Any body got any advice for me or know what could be the problem?

Try shifting the transmission into neutral and see if it will start. Maybe the neutral safety switch is acting up. At 27 years old it’s entirely possible the switch could be on the way out.


Or your battery has just enough juice for the lights but not the starter.
Fully recharge your batter and try again.

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I ran jumper cables to it to see if the battery was weak but nothing happened

Then it is possible that the fusible link in the battery’s cable has popped.

If it has a manual transmission, unplug the electrical connector to the clutch pedal inter-lock switch and insert a jumper wire in the electrical connector.

If the engine cranks over, the inter-lock switch needs replacing.


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It’s an automatic transmission

Thanks the neutral safety switch was the problem, it turned on when I up it on neutral