Timing Belt price for a '99 Honda Civic Coupe

What is a fair price for replacing a timing belt in a 99 honda civic?

Also, what further scheduled maintenance should be done when getting to the timing belt?

Thank you for your time.

I would say $350-$550 dependent on your locale. Shop around and call independents and dealers. My locale dealer happened to be the cheapest when I changed my old Civic’s and perfored a “complimentary” valve clearance adjustment.

While I agree–as I usually do–with AndrewJ’s advice, he omitted an important proactive maintenance procedure. The water pump should be replaced at the same time as the timing belt.

Additionally, it is a good idea to replace the serpentine belt at the same time. Also, be sure that each price quote that you receive includes replacement of the tensioners for both the timing belt and the serpentine belt.

To add to what AndrewJ and VDCdriver have said, this is also an example of where having a trusted mechanic helps.

The car is 10 years old. How much longer do you want to drive it (years and miles)? How tight is money for you right now?

If you have a conversation with your mechanic and share your thoughts for the above points, the mechanic can then help you determine if additional items should be replaced while he/she has it opened up. I’m thinking of idler pulleys, tensioner pulleys, camshaft oil seals.

If you say: “Money is currently tight, and I only plan on keeping the car for another 10K miles.”, then maybe only the belt should be replaced.

If you say: “I plan to keep this car for at least another 5 years.”, then it will help him know if the other parts should be replaced while he’s in there.

In the end, you may be spending more, but at least you’ll know it was spent wisely and it supports your long term plans for the car.

I got the same car you do and it cost me about $600 at the local dealership, and that was with tax and a couple other items that needed fixed(hood latch).
Plan on leaving the car overnight so the mechanic has a cool engine to work on

For my 99 Civic EX I bought Honda timing belt, water pump, and three drive belts at my Honda dealer for $172 plus sales tax. Later I decided against doing the work myself, and had it done at a local corner garage for $255 plus sales tax. $427 plus tax total in Wisconsin.

how many miles?

these topics are covered in your owners manual. however, joe mario brings up several good points. what is your long term thoughts on owning your car? and what else have you discussed with your mechanic?