Timing belt marks

My timing belt is supposed to have 2 sets of hash marks. Pre/post 2000. I got sent the wrong version. But figured it out. The marks are for initial install and won’t line up after motor is rotated. Yes, the crank and cam sprockets will line up but the paint marks serve no purpose after. All sprocket marks are aligned now. There are 4 notches for 4 cam sprockets.

Wondering why the yellow line in the 2nd photo (presumably new timing belt) doesn’t exactly line up w/the notch above? In the third photo (presumably a used timing belt) the same notch seems to line up pretty good with the notch on the side of the cog-pulley.

Pic 1&2 are internet pics. Not my car. They show belt after motor was rotated a few times. I wanted to show belt with yel/wht lines.