02 Subaru Timing Belt

Greetings, I did something dumb and need some help. Replacing a timing belt at 110k on an 03 Legacy.

I removed the crank pulley, covers and belt and the cam pulleys turned. Yep evidently I was NOT at TDC on the # 1 cylinder.

My question is can I just line up the cam and crank pulleys with their respective index marks (with the crank pulley at TDC on cyl #1) or is there more than one sequence of events for each revolution of the cam pulleys?

If no response here, try ultimatesubaru.org

thanks Andrew. I did get some useful information from the ultimateSubaru site.
After putzing most of the evening I rolled the dice and put #1 cyl at TDC and lined the cams up with their respective marks put it all back together and its a runner! evidently I was 180 out of TDC #1 cyl when I took it apart.