Timing Belt Interval for 2014 Honda Accord

2014 honda accord 2.4L 4 CYL. am having a hard time getting a straightanswer on timing belt interval. at 51,000 easy mi now and super diligent on oil changes and all maintenance why do they not print this clearly in the owner’s manual? Damn.

It isn’t printed in the owners manual because this engine doesn’t HAVE a timing belt, it has a timing chain which needs no service.

The 4’s have chains, only the V6 has a belt.


Mustangman is correct. Now which transmission do you have? If it is the CVT, you may not be able to change the ATF in it yourself. It also may not need it, the jury is still out on that one. If it is the 6 speed automatic, then you should at least have a drain and fill done every 30k. That may not be in the maintenance schedule, but get it done anyway. No need to flush if done every 30k, a drain and fill will refresh the ATF enough that the transmission will last longer than the car.

It’s a chain and if it ever has an issue, a code comes on in the maintenance minder for replacement if it senses a stretched chain.

I’ve got the CVT tranny, and generally if it can be done I can do it.-
product of growing up in the 70’s and learning to live on low wage until I
went back to school and got a degree, but still later could not stand to
pay someone to do work I could do. but if you’ve got any advice on that hit
me with it. thanks. so far so, good excellent mileage(in part because I’m a
cruise control freak) good ride and pretty decent looking considering the
walkaway price of 22k. hard to beat. but I’ve always gotten good distance
out of vehicles; got 230k+ out of a 93 ford windstar 3.8 v6 and that’s
after letting my wife drive it and my daughter took it to university, my
daughter retired it when she went to work for GM as an quality engineer.
thanks for the help you guys awesome! i got laid up in 15 with a severe
brain injury, right before that did the timing belt in a friends odyssey,
that may have been a six but I don’t recall my memory took a beating.
All the best.

awesome, only 51k now so I’m gonna chill on concern and
just get up to speed on everything else, but the car is in mint condition
and maybe only 2x driven above 4500 rpm. I’m almost betting this thing will
run 250k.

The dealership shop couldn’t address your question? it’s a Honda after all, and you are a Honda customer. Presumably they’d want you to stay a Honda customer. hmm … Next time try the Honda dealership parts department. Sometimes they’ll take the time to help out on questions like this when the shop-tech folks won’t.

no brother, I’ve got one about 2 miles from my house, I should drive by
there, but I by default stay clear ogf dealerships, unless I’m buying a new
car.first time I’ve ever owned a car without comp repair manual. I never
bought one because I was laid up for 6 months not long after I bought this
I need to get with the program, but hey , I had to relearn how to walk.
which all the dr’s said [probably wouldn’t happen. of course they also said
I wouldn’t live 30 minutes.bottom line, I just don’t stay on top of my
stuff like I used to, just taking care of the house is enough, which I hate
because I used to keep all of my stuff pristine and help my neighbors
too. operative term - “used to.” oh well, crap happens

I find it incomprehensible that so many people buy cars from dealers they don’t trust. I had a bad dealer, switched brands and never looked back.

It depends which part of the dealership you are talking about. When I buy a car, I am only interested in the purchase, not the service. It happens that I trust the Honda dealer I bought my Accord from for service. I do not like the no-haggle business model at the dealership I bought my Olds from (Cadillac and Chevrolet now), but I do trust their repair shop.

buying is not simply about “dealer” trust as much as about
manufacturer/auto quality and dealer price. I bought from a dealer 40 miles
away on the Honda, and the car prior to that I bought from a dealer 300
miles away (nissan).
My dad was a dealer so I was raised in the industry from years well before
I could drive. I have no specific beef with the Honda dealer I bought from,
I just generally don’t like the hassle of dealing with non-stop upsale
attempts if going through manufacturer branded retail service platforms.
It’s just a personal preference.

That’s my point. I am fortunate to have found a honest dealer. No upsells on purchase, no upsells or unneeded services in the service department.
I research tires then my new car dealer orders the tires I want and matches best price.
There is another brand of car I would like to get (Miata) but had such a horrible experience previously with that dealership will forgo the Mazda.