Timing Belt Interval Different in some States

The manual for my 98 Dodge Avenger says replace the timing belt at 60,000 mi. for California, Massachusetts and Connecticut only - maintenance is recommended but not required. For all others the interval is 100,000 miles.

Why is it recommended at 60k only for those states?

The maintenance schedule for my 02 Sonata shows “replace timing belt at 60K miles.”

In the 60K column it’s stated thusly R*1

In the notes section at the bottom of the page *1 Sez “For California , this maintenance is reccomended but not required.”

What kind of nonsense is this??

If the belt breaks at 61K is the state of California going to pay for the engine damage??

Maybe one of the other guys will
know what this is about.

I would imagine that it is due to laws in those states. Likely poorly written laws in my opinion.

Could have something to do with emission laws. Maybe Dodge could answer that for you if you called them up(not a dealership, but one of the regional offices.

By law CA.requires a minimum timing belt replacement of 100,005 miles.Emissions related equipment.Quite alot of talk on the issue if you google.I dont know what is done (who pays)if the belt breaks early.I think there is some prohibitation on sales techniques when speaking to a CA. customer in regards to timing belt replacement.I believe NY and MA. have some similar situations.An issue to be reasearched at a latter date for me.

It may be the result of class-action law suits, such as the one against Audi: http://www.boston.com/business/globe/articles/2005/07/17/class_action_can_be_engine_of_change/?