2005 Mitsubishi Galant Timing Belt

My previous mechanic of over 10 years always had me change my cars timing belt, water pump, other belts, etc. at 100,000 miles. (My last car was a Honda Civic.) I have recently moved and do not have a new mechanic so I had to go the Mitsubishi dealership. While repairing an unrelated problem, they told me to change the timing belt at 60,000 miles, which I confirmed in the owner’s manual. I’ve always taken very good care of my cars but 60,000 miles just seems too soon to me.

Why does this car need it done sooner than my previous vehicles? Or is this just bull to get people to shell out the money for it early? Can someone help me out?

You got lucky your mechanic’s advice never backfired. You should change it every 60,000 miles. The water pump and other belts can safely go 120,000 miles, but I wouldn’t take that chance with the timing belt.

The 60k interval is the suggestion with likely engineering analysis to back it up.

You can do whatever you please with it.

Even if car is under warranty past the the 60k Mits. will not cover the damage incurred. Basically you own the problem if it snaps.

Are a gambler?

The mechanic’s advice was for the Civic, correct? Newer Civics recommend timing belts at about 105,000 miles, Mitsubishi recommends 60,000 miles.

This intervals are based on analysis that the Engineers who designed your engine used to determine what is a safe interval to avoid engine damage, it just so happens that your Mitsubishi is harder on timing belts than the Civic was.