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Timing Belt/Chain Question

I have a 1998 Ford F150 XL with 170,000 mile on it. Does it have a timing belt or chain and if so should I take it in to be inspected and or replaced?

Thank you.

VIN or engine size please.

Engine size 4.2L V 6

If the maintenance schdeule for your owner’s manual includes a chedule for changing the timing belt, then you have a belt and are living on borrowed time.

If not, you have a chain and need do nothing at all unless you eventually start hearing the clattering racket of a worn chain/guide/sprocket(s).

Refer to your owner’s manual maintenance schedule.

timing chain in the 4.2. Not unless it is actually worn. Not needed as routine maintinence.

Thanks for the info!! So what’s the same mountain bike. I ridig a new Giant Anthem and love it.