04 hondra cr-v timing belt/chain

ok my mom has a 2004 honda cr-v with a 2.4l mfi dohc 4cyl engineand a little over 102000 miles. i heard from some posts on here tha timing belts/chains might need to be checked or changed every 100,000 im not sure if its true but if so could

1. you tell which it has belt or chain

2. how can you ttell if its starting to go?

3. also when the belt/chain is replaced the water pump has to be replaced as well right?

thanks so much for the help

Well you will have to look in the owner’s manual that hopefully came with the car. It should be in the glove compartment. Look at the service schedule and make sure you know that there is both a mile requirement and a time requirement. It is whichever comes 1st. This is IF you have a belt. Chains are not changed. If you have a belt and it is driving the waterpump then it is smart to change the pump along with tensioner and seals.

Your car has a chain, don’t worry about doing anything to it.

thanks galant and thank you xebadaih. just making sure something doesnt give out now that shes over 100000 miles on it.