Timing Chain

I recently read Tom & Ray’s comments on what to expect on price and maintenance when a timing chain is replaced. My mechanic suggests we change out ours on our 2004 Volvo even though my wife has only 74,500 miles on the car. His logic is the age of the car raises the risk of failure prior to the recommended 90,000 miles. Do you agree that we should do this now?

Does it have a chain or belt? Chains usually don’t need to be replaced - belts do.
If the service booklet says 90K, go with that. I think most Volvos are 100K but potato/potatoe.

Does the manual also list a time limit? I’d follow both, so if it’s, say, 8 years, then it’s time for a replacement belt.

Mechanic is telling tales that he made up. If he thinks a chain is the same as a belt then you should know fear, be very aware of fear. That was Mr. Spock’s way of saying to be afraid, be very afraid. He never said that, so you don’t have to break out the DVD collection.

He probably thinks a Haynes manual directed Michael Jordan to go around ripping labels off underwear. Or I’m crazy. You decide.

Not knowing model or engine does not help. I looked up S40 L4-1.9L Turbo and it has a belt. Owner’s Manual will tell you for sure.

Someone is behind on their boat payments, I think.

What model and which engine do you have?