Timing Belt at 180,000?

I’ve got a 1993 Honda Civic CX with 180,000 miles, which I hope to drive to 200,000. The car is on its last legs, not worth repairing too much. I replaced the timing belt at 90,000 miles–is it worth my while to change it again to reach 200,000? Or do I stand a good chance of reaching 200,000 without replacing the timing belt?

There’s no way anyone here can predict when that belt will break. It could go tomorrow or 4 years from now. Chances are you should be able to go past 180k miles. How much past is anyones guess.

Honda timimg belts have been known to go much past the design point for replacement. However, since at only 180,000 miles, your Honda is on its last legs, it must have had less than perfect care! So, like the others, I agree that it can break tomorrow or 4 years from now.

That has to by your decision. If you believe it is close to the end of it’s life and you don’t replace the belt, you may find the end is sooner than your think. On the other hand it is just as likely something else will kill it first. You pays your money you takes your chance.

Define “on its last legs”.

If you’re just going to drive it 'til it dies and then call the tow truck, then IMHO don’t bother.

If it needs brake work that you don’t plan to do then PLEASE don’t change the belt…let it die. Remember that failure to go will ruin your day, but failure to stop can ruin the rest of your life.


good luck SUNSHINE.