Timing belt and idler tension pulleys


My 1998 Subaru Impressa has 185,00+ miles and I’ve been informed I need to have the timing belt and the idler tension pulleys replaced. True or not? And how much should this cost? I’ve had estimates of $1300 and $2300. Pretty wide gap in pricing, so which is closer to the truth?


If that stuff has never been replaced then you’ve been walking on thin ice for a long time.
The water pump should be replaced at the same time as the timing belt and tensioners.
Price this around and you should be able to get this done for less than 1300; and preferably do it real quick before the belt does break.


Absolutely totally wholeheartedly agree. This one’s on borrowed time.

If those are original you are a very lucky man.  If fact you are due for the second change, so even if it has been changed once, it is likely time for the second change.


Even 1300 sounds quite high to me. For my VW, a belt and tensioner pulley cost around 45 bucks. Add installation cost plus water pump if needed plus two belts for a Subaru and go from there.


I just had my timing belt, timing belt tensioner, water pump, and crank shaft oil seal replaced on my 98 Civic at 175,000 miles. It came to $500 even. I shopped around and to get that price.