2000 Subaru Legacy Timing Belt Maint

I have 105k and need to replace the timing belt. My mechanic wants to replace the water pump, seals and possibly the idler pullys. About 1200.00 dollars. Should I have all this done or is it excessive? Should I just have the timing belt replaced?

It sounds expensive indeed. We get many posts on this subject and normally about $600-$700 is the total for these services. Are you being quoted these figures by the dealer?

I would shop around, and, yes, the water pump, seals and the tension pully often need replacing at this time as well, since labor is the biggest expense.

That estimate is pretty steep but not sure where you live. Is this the dealer, if not get the same quote it may be less.

How long do you expect to keep the car? If a year or two I would simply change the timing belt and it should be around $400 or less. Timing belt replacement is not typically expensive on a Subaru as the motor is easier to work on with respect to that.

Local independent shop in the Sierras in California. Dealer recommended just to change the timing belt. I plan to keep the car for a while.

Do it all now, while the timing belt is off. Water pump, seals, etc could go bad two weeks after you pay for the timing belt job, and then you’d have to pay for the whole thing over again.

Price seems high, though, by at least 1/3.