Water Pump/T-Belt Replacement Parts



I have a '95 Probe SE (2.0L 4-cyl, 143k miles) that needs a water pump. I figured I’d also have the timing belt done while the area is open. I found a mechanic that will do the job for $230–labor only, I need to buy parts. Obviously, I need the pump and the belt, but I was wondering if I also needed a TB tensioner and pulley. I want to keep the car for another year and a half but am worried that the tensioner and pulley could get prohibitively expensive. Is it perhaps best to have someone get in there and see if they need the tensioner and/or pulley while fixing it?

Also, another mechanic diagnosed my water pump leak and suggested that I replace the radiator hoses (which are original, to my knowledge). Do you think this is a good idea too? I don’t think it will be expensive anyway, just curious.


That’s a pretty easy way to make $230, but not out of line with current labor rates in some areas. I’ve had several done for $100 + parts. The idea of replacing the tensioner and any other bearings in the system is good as is replacing those 15 year old hoses. If any of those were to fail it could get expensive fast.


the tensioners and pulleys are an expendable replacement item. while you are in there, why not do the whole job? then you wont have to do the timing belt, or the waterpump, or the pulleys for another 145k! If you don’t do the tensioners, and they fail later, it will cost you another $230 in labor to open the end of the engine up again. so why not do it all at once the first time? makes sense to me.