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Timimg belt

I sumited a question last week about timing belt time limit on my 1996 toyota corrola 1.6 engine with 145.000 mi on it Im changing the belt next week the belt and water pump has 31.000 mi on it but was changed 8 yrs ago is it O.K. to change just the belt and not the pump. the pump was a new not rebuilt I dont know how long a pump should last but 31.000 seems like it should last another30.000 thanks every one for your last in put greatly appreciated

As long as the fluid has been changed regularly, I would say good!

I just googled the price of a new OE pump . . . about $30. For that amount of money I would not skip it, as the work involved to do it again is considerable. Do it while you’re doing the timing belt. Another thing . . . 8 years is a long time, don’t you think? Just my opinion. Rocketman

Thanks I ck. a pump at toyota the said cost about $140.00 If i find some thing in your range I will jump on it again thanks fot the in put all you people are really helpfull

Which fluid do you mean ?Iv flushed the radiator thanks

Your car’s water pump is not driven by the timing belt. Since you’ve already replaced the water pump there’s no reason to do it again.

Save your money.