Time to buy a new car

I am trying to figure out a good modest priced vehicle for my family. Safety is an issue and so is size. I am 6’4" and I have a 3 yr old. Looking for a SUVish type vehicle. (I went and looked at a honda odyssey and forget it. I still had to squat down to get in.)

So I cam across some interesting options. One is the Volvo XC90. The 2004 model year seems to have a lot of supply and at a good price.

My question: Do Volvo’s still have a good life span at high mileage? Miles on these SUV’s range from 60k to 100k. Curious about what kind of life I should be expecting from Volvo nowadays. I remember the older (pre-ford) Volvo’s were solid but I don’t know about them now.

I would not consider a Volvo XC at this time. Friend who had Volvos his entire life has gone to Subaru and BMW with one experience with the XC. Good supply and good price for used tells you something about their poor satisfaction with previous owners.
At 6’4". you may be a candidate for a car based SUV which are higher. The CRV (and other Hondas) is recommended as a good vehicle for both short and tall drivers by CR. Check their reviews out for this and others. Many Ford products have good size accommodations as well. My 6’4" son found the Nissan Rouge fits his size well too.

Good point about supply. I sat in a CR-V and yes I fit well. For that matter I sat in a Honda FIT and fit…hmmm. I used to drive a forester and had to give it up, long story, but would love to be back in one. its on the list.

An older Volvo is a very expensive car to maintain, on average.

Look elsewhere. Maintenance costs on Volvos climb rapidly as the cars age. They’re not once they once were.

The Volvo XC90 will last as long as you want, and as long as you can afford about $3000 per year in repairs. They are simply very expensive to keep on the road and the bills get higher as they get older and acquire more miles.

Current Volvo’s are fine as long as you are in the warranty period. Once the warranty runs out it is time to sell, or open the wallet for massive repair bills.

Stick with Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti, Toyota/Lexus

Volvos got more reliable during their association with Ford. Still, that year had engine problems:

Periodic problems on this vehicle are failures of the Engine Intake Valves, Leak Detection Pump and Crankcase Ventilation Hose under the intake manifold. (Intelifix via MSN Autos).

You might consider a 2003. They had no significant problems.

The only thing one should consider with Volvo is leasing a new one.
Not really sure what Ford’s (size)equivalent is(Explorer? Expedition?), but go with that instead

speaking of car based SUVs the new Kias (Sportage and Sorento) are very, very nice. These are not the Kias or Hyundais of old. I prefer the Kia models, they are a little cheaper and a little sportier than their Hyundai siblings