2011 Volvo XC90 - Thoughts?

The current car that I drive has cost me a bunch of money and my family and I don’t want to put much more money into it so I am looking at the 2011 Volvo XC90 and was wondering about the problems that have arisen or if their has been any problems?

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You are asking about an 8 year old European luxury car. Out of warranty. Expensive parts. Expensive service, OK reliability.

This car will not be an upgrade. Stop looking for luxury brands, start looking for reliable brands and brands cheaper to fix. Preferably both. Buy a less fancy car so you can buy a newer, more reliable car.

I can’t stress this enough, walk away from the Volvo.


Normally, I’d play Devil’s advocate, but Mustangman is right. Do yourself a favor and spend that same budget on a newer Highlander or Pilot. It will be better in every meaningful way.

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I think that the OP has bought-into the bizarrely-wrong meme of Volvo “reliability”.
The only truly reliable thing about Volvos once their warranty has expired is that the unfortunate owner will spend a HUGE amount of money on repairs that wouldn’t have been necessary with many other marques.

As I tell my friends, I owned a Volvo… ONCE!

A recent evaluation of vehicles that last longer than 200,000 miles shows the following:

Toyota Sequoia — 7.4%
Chevrolet Suburban — 5.0%
Ford Expedition — 5.0%
GMC Yukon XL — 4.0%
Toyota 4Runner — 3.9%

These are all large SUVs, but they all last a long time. The Suburban is a long wheelbase version of the Tahoe and the Yukon XL is the long wheelbase version of the Yukon. They aren’t inexpensive, but all the above can last a long time if you take proper car of them. This is no knock on the midsize SUVs mentioned above. If you want a smaller SUV, they are good choices. If you don’t mind a full size SUV, the ones I mentioned have a record of lasting longest.