Tighten Camry PS belt

90 Camry 4cyl, I’m concerned about damaging the P Steering Pump as I use a crow bar to pry it up to tighten the new belt. I’m using a block of wood as a pivot point, and it is moving, but getting it tight enough and holding it while tightening the bolt is tough.I’m trying to keep the bolt snug enough to hold it after prying. It’s the smaller belt (is it 1/2 " play as is the Serp. belt?) Any tips ? The irony is that in the upper front at the alternator (where there is plenty of room to pry)to tighten the Serpentine belt, there is an adjusting bolt - they should of put it down in the hole @ the ps pump. That’s life

Difficulties and things not going right, are what becoming a mechanic is about. If you can’t be a mechanic, turn it over to one who is.

Yes, of course that is always the last resort. Many of us here are trying to save money as well as learn about our cars. If you know alot and have something to contribute I/we are happy to learn. that’s what this part of the website is all about. Tah…Mike