97 Corolla Toyota

My fiance has a 97 Corolla had belt that was located near the engine block on the passenger side going long ways. This belt had a frayed edge since she and I started dating(over 2 years). Whenever asked about it, she said that any dealership or shop she took it to for something else said that it was fine or they didn’t think it needed to be worked on/fixed. Alarms for me? Yes, but it’s her car. For whatever reason, it hasn’t been fixed.

Yesterday, the battery light kept flashing on and off and the steering became hard and sluggish, as if the power steering wasn’t working. We got home and I opened it up and the belt was gone except for a few solid strands left.

So, is this the timing belt, or something else? And what is required to fix it?
I’m also in the process of hunting down my Haynes book for this car still but wanted to ask the masses that exist here.
Thank you,

Edit: After finding the book, it looks to be called the serpentine drive belt.

That is your serpentine belt. It drives the power steering pump, alternator, water pump etc. Most auto parts stores will have, but during the holidays their hours may be limited. Once you get your Haynes manual you will be able to figure out how to replace this. You will need sockets and maybe box wrenches. Good luck. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

So… it is A drive belt, but it turns out to be the Alternator drive belt. Same idea of loosening a lock and pivot bolt but with the knowing of what I’m looking for, finding it in the book was a lot easier. Haven’t finished it yet but I’m sure it will be over soon now.

Thank you again for the helpful info.

The bolt that goes thru the alternator at the engine is the pivot bolt. If you look below the front of the alternator you’ll see the lock/jack bolt. Loosen the bolt facing the front of the vehicle, (lock bolt), and then from above with a socket/extension turn the jack bolt. This will allow the alternator to pivot down so the belt can be replaced. Once the belt is installed, turn the jack bolt in the opposite direction to tighten the belt and then tighten the lock bolt.


Let me add one thing to Tester’s outstanding advice, do not overtighten the new belt. It is easy to do using a jack bolt to set the tension. As you tighten the belt, either pull or push on the longest freespan of the belt. A moderate amount of pull or push (use one fingertip) should deflect the belt about 1/2" to 3/4".

THAT is what is left of a once mighty serpentine belt. Not sure if you have one or more belts on this car but THAT BELT…needs to be replaced.

Usually when we say serpentine belt…it refers to an engine that drive all of its accessories with ONE SINGLE belt… When you have more than one belt…we just say alternator belt or A/C belt. At ANY rate you need a new alternator belt…bec I think you also have a separate belt for your P/S or A/C… You guys got lucky I have NEVER seen a belt hang on by that FEW threads…lol…CHANGE THE BELT.

Your car doesnt look to me to actually have a Timing belt…you can tell by the style of the valve cover in the photo…it looks to me to be all one piece…if it is there is a T-chain under it…when you have a T-belt…you will have a removable front cover over the cam pulleys in front and on top of the engine…right in front of where those wires cross the valve cover