Ticking noise in a 2011 vauxhall / opel Corsa 1.4

I currently have a 2011 Corsa SXI 1.4 Petrol Manual sitting at 54000 miles. I recently purchased this about a month ago and had noticed that there is this mysterious ticking noise. demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVStukYz5SA

Startup No ticking sound at all while idle or driving for the first minute or so

While driving

  • After 1 minute of driving, the ticking noise occur
  • Ticks only when at 1k-2k RPMs during slight or constant acceleration (no ticks when gas pedal is not pressed)
  • Sound seems to be more noticeable inside the car compared to opening the bonnet
  • Sound also occurs in neutral at 1k-2k RPMs

Switching the Engine off

  • After a drive with ticking noises, turning the engine off and on again the ticks disappear and reappears after a minute of drive again.

During the startup, there is no ticking noises whatsoever, however after a minute of driving the ticking noise appears and only ticks when I press the gas slightly and goes away when I don’t press on it. I checked the oil, seems fine.

Was wondering if anyone knows what the issue may be and how I would solve this.

*Here’s a video recording of the noise it makes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVStukYz5SA

Thankyou! :slight_smile:

I would suggest having the car put up on a lift, and having the exhaust system examined.

This is just a guess from afar, but the problem could be the result of a loose heat shield on the exhaust system.
If that turns out to the case, a mechanic who is looking out for your best interests can perform a VERY low-cost repair with a screw-clamp.

Doesn’t sound like an exhaust leak because it doesn’t get louder when the throttle is blipped. Sounds mechanical, like a belt idler. Try removing the belt and see if it’s still there.

Could it possibly be the fuel injectors? because it only makes the noise when pressing the gas pedal

Don’t think so. Injectors are always pulsing, they just stay open longer per pulse when more gas is needed.

Hey, Anybody?

2011 Opel Corsa SXI / Vauxhall 1.4 Petrol Manual

Hey, I can’t look up a Vauxhall (I rode in one once years, ago) or an Opel. A friend had an Opel GT (nice little car) back in the 70’s. Now, these cars seem to be only world cars for other than U.S.

Are they still General Motors products and do we have a GM car in the states with that same 1.4L engine that I can look up for ideas?

It’s called a Vauxhall Corsa / Opel Corsa

The Chevy Aveo/Sonic utilize a GM engine of the same displacement and the same architecture. I don’t doubt that there might be some differences in specifications between those Chevys and the OP’s Vauxhall, but their engines undoubtedly have more in common than they have differences.

It is use daily in the Cevrolet Volt and when turbocharged, in the Chevy Sonic and Buick Encore.

My wild guess, louder in the cab, neutral at 1 to 2k,driving 1 to 2k, do you have a tachometer? if so can you use a stethoscope. or hose to pinpoint the noise, My guess a faulty tachometer gauge.

What if a Volt owner decides to drive his car just once a week?
Will the engine change its displacement as a result of not being used daily?


I’m sorry.
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just wondering if you got to the bottom of this problem and what is was? sound very similar to my Corsa