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Ticking noise coming from Engine

I have a ticking noise coming from my engine, its the loudest when cold, it only happens at about 1800 rpm and up, and it only happens when i’m pressing on the gas pedal. I looked around my engine, and the noise seemed like it was coming from my fuel injectors, however, the noise doesn’t change speed. Can it still be my fuel injectors? or is it something else?

The car is a 1996 Mitsubishi 3000 GT Base (non-turbo), 5-speed manual.

Thank you,

If you are hearing a few ticks per second, it could be your PCV valve operating.

Keith, would a bad P.C.V cause a rough idle?

Thank you,

You didn’t say anything about a rough idle, but a bad PCV valve would not cause a rough idle and ticking from a PCV valve does not mean the valve is bad, just operating. If you have a rough idle. Try opening your hood at night and watch the engine as it runs without a flashlight. If the ticking is due to some electrical arcing, you should be able to see it then.

Thanks, I will try that tonight.
But what are my other possibilities? Could be the lifters ticking? because I heard that its a common problem on these cars, especially on a car with 240K miles on it.

The ticking from lifters would get faster as the RPM’s go up. You said that it didn’t do that.

I thought so too.