01 celica gt....engine ticking?

I recently bought a used 01 celica gt with 85K miles and it seems like the car is already falling apart. i had to replace the surp. belt. The power steering needs to be cleared out b/c theres chunks of “stuff” in there. There was no cabin filter in the car. But heres the thing now…There is a ticking from my engine when i accelerate…or when im on the gas at all. The sound seems to be getting worse. I heard that it could be my push rods…but thats just talk? Could anyone help me diagnose what this noise could be???

A serpentine belt is normal maintenance, and not a sign of a car “falling apart.” Who says the power steering has “stuff” in it? Have you seen it for yourself, or is this a diagnosis from a “quicky” oil change place?

If I’m not mistaken, the engine in this car is a double overhead camshaft design, and therefore has no “pushrods” as such. It might have hydraulic lifters, and one of them might be making noise, or the engine could be “pinging,” or “knocking” from incorrect ignition timing, deposits in the combustion chambers, or a faulty knock sensor.

Did anyone inspect this car before you bought it?

Ticking could also be an exhaust leak.

I heard the same thing in my 02 Celica. It’s currently at the shop waiting for a new engine. The dealer mentioned a rod bearing???