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Ticking noise from vw jetta 3 1.8i head

Hi Guys,

I have this noise on my cars head, its like a ticking noise that is coming from the top, more towards the back of the head.

It sounds like a bad lifter sound and gets louder with acceleration.

I have did a complete head overhaul
-changed valves

  • also did oil pressure test and everything seems fine.

but he noise is still there, any advice?

When you overhauled the head did you replace the valve springs?

Did you lap the valves before assembling everything?

Also to clarify…did you do this work yourself, or was the head taken to a shop to be rebuilt?


Use a stethescope or hose to the ear to pinpoint the location of the tick.
It could be a cracked exhaust manifold or leaking gasket (if it wasn’t changed during the head work).


The head was sent in to a engineer

Check for exhaust leaks from the exhaust manifold. Individual cylinder exhaust leaks produce a “tick” sound, more so under load.