Mercury villager

a regulay ticking noise eminates from under the hood and can be heard when the engine is idling. It never gets faster or slower, just regular ticking.What could it be?

Did this start recently or has the car always done this. Ticking can sometimes normally be heard from injectors.

Probably sticking valve lifter(s)

Lifter noise would get faster when the engine is revved. The ticking is always one speed. Seems to be on the right near the firewall.

Lifter noise would get faster when the engine is revved

Gee. Thanks for the lesson. You only referred to idle in your original post.

Did you pop the hood and look around? Take a stethoscope if you have one, or just stick a piece of hose in one ear and fish the other one around. That should help you pinpoint the location.

Like Beadsandbeads asked in the first response I’m wondering about some history. Is this a new thing?

Sorry, Cant hear anything right now. Maybe because I have a hose in one ear and a fish in the other one!

What Model Year? Which Engine?