Ticking 2007 Ford F150

I’ve got an 07 F150 lariat 4x4 with 5.4l engine. It’s got about 130,000 miles and a couple years ago developed a tick. The tick is variable with the RPM’s, and on the loud side. One mechanic said it sounded like a timing chain tensioner, but it’s not coming from the front of the engine. When it started, sometimes it was intermittent, with no apparent reason for starting/stopping. Another mechanic said these engines are susceptible to older oil cause lifters to stick. I paid for a oil treatment some time ago and that didn’t seem to affect it, maybe slightlyly. Aside from running kerosene through the engine oil as discussed on several shows (haha, I am not trying that), any recommendations?

I use marvel mystery oil.

We have tons of Fords in our fleet with the same noise, including a few 5.4 F150s, and the Marvel Mystery oil doesn’t help . . .

I’m not trying to be a spoiler. I’m just relaying my own experience

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Everyone’s experience is different but it work’s for me.

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I’ve used MMO a few times over the years to quieten a noisy lifter and it worked. That’s not to say that it will work every time due to the variables.

A tick could also be caused by a spark jumping from the plug boot or an exhaust leak.

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