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2019 Ford F-150 - Ticks

Engine ticking noise. Also known as “typewriter” tick. Also scraping or rattling sound on acceleration from stop.

Since your truck is less than nine months old I would ask your dealer service department. They can hear the noise, we can not.

My question was how many others are experiencing the same ticking noise. Otherwise known as “typewriter” tick. Owners of 2018-19 F150’s with the 5.0 know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t, then you don’t have the problem. So move on.

My 5.0 has always had a slight ticking sound, 51000 miles, no problems yet. So this may be normal valve train noises for the Coyote.
But the scraping or rattle sound is not normal.

What’s your question?

No it wasn’t. There was no question at all in what you posted. But anyway…

It’s an issue with the 3rd gen Coyote, earlier models don’t seem to be effected. For a while Ford was replacing 2018+ Mustang engines with the BBQ/typewriter tick. A few months ago a notice/TSB went out that stated that the noise was now considered normal. I’m not totally sure what the cause of it is. Word around the internet is that it’s caused by cavitation from the oil pump. I’m not sure if that’s correct or not though. You can take the truck back to the dealer, they may or may not be willing to do anything. Some people say that using a bottle Ceratec will help with the noise.

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OP, re-read your post, I don’t see where you asked who else has personally experienced that issue, it was a lot more open ended. No need to cop an attitude.


Coyote 5.0’s have been noisy since their inception. I traded off a 2013 f150 that developed a quiet knock at 17k miles. Some folks had engines replaced for the knock, some didn’t.

In 2018 they went to plasma coated cylinder liners instead of cast iron or steel sleeves. That seems to be when the odd noises really increased. The typewriter tick was mentioned a little before 2018, but it seems to be more common after. I wonder if it isn’t the piston skirts rattling against the cylinder walls. There are a ton of folks unhappy with the 2018 and up 5.0 on an f150 forum I look at from time to time.

Several theories on the noise, but I don’t think anyone but Ford knows for sure.

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We ordered our truck new from a dealership in Gadsden Al. Trying not to call out the name.
We have taken this truck back several times and the dealer keeps telling us that nothing is wrong. Ford says the “typewriter “ tick or engine tick is normal. I would not think that a brand new truck should sound like this. For whatever reason, this dealership does not want to fix my truck. I have owned f250’s and even Cummins diesels that don’t tick or rattle this loud. I would not recommend buying a new Ford with this engine especially not from the dealership where I got mine.

You can take it to a different dealer to be checked.
Listen to another F150 same year, same engine. See if they make the same noise.

Yep, check one (or more) of the other F150s on their lot, see if ‘they all do this’. New direct injection systems can be noisy.

Haha I am taking mine to the same dealership I bought mine from RW, for the same issue tomorrow

Like there is more than one Ford Dealer in Gadsden AL.

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