Ticket quotas

The cops apparently don’t like them, and the motoring public definitely doesn’t like them, so–hopefully–this bill will be approved at the legislative level, and then signed into law by the governor. Will other states follow this lead?
Quien sabe?


Kemosabe. Never liked Quotas either. That is like telling me I have to find x amount of computer errors by users per month, and that would distract from my bigger duties.


About a dozen years ago some upper level person in the state patrol here in OK and located near Tulsa inadvertently spilled the beans by stating that the OHP had quotas. This led to some backtracking per the usual…

I don’t remember the numbers, but a trooper was expected to write X amount of traffic tickets during the month and also expected to make X number of arrests for things such as DUI and so on. This was said to have an influence on future promotions, etc.

It was stated many years ago (and denied of course) that troopers who were not living up to their end of the bargain would get assigned to the Boise City, OK detachment. BC is pretty much the last stop in the OK Panhandle; a.k.a. No Man’s Land.

Washington state had legislation that would get rid of ticket quotas but even though it passed the state Senate it appears to have died in the legislature.

In the days of program budgeting as an outgrowth of MBO or management by objectives, everyone needed to have measurable means of performance evaluations. I can see number of tickets issued as one measurement. I’m sure the patrol would rather have something like accidents per mile traveled or something. No I’m not in favor of quotas or a lot of what came from the glorious MBO scribes, but need to separate the performers from the slackers. Maybe the number of “you done good” stickers issued. The thing is a good manager knows who the good ones are without all the math to impress others. Phew, I feel better now.

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MA and NH say they don’t have quota’s…however…many of these small towns have the amount of tickets the 2-3 police need to write each year. It’s a line item on the town budget. Towns have reduced their police force because the 2-3 police aren’t writing enough tickets. As if that’s their only job. The town officials forgot about the 2 meth labs these police closed that year.