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Let's let the States make and enforce traffic laws

Our government in Washington is too busy and too far away to mess with our States’ traffic laws. Keep it simple and keep it as close to home as possible.We will have a real problem if the D C boys try to get states to enforce the laws made in D. C.

Uh, they already do.

Well, okay, the federal government uses block grants to bully the states into making certain aspects of their traffic laws conform like the DUI laws, but for the most part traffic laws are all done on a state level and I haven’t heard anyone seriously calling for upsetting the situation.

When was the last time that you heard of a Federal law enforcement officer (FBI, Secret Service, ATF, Border Patrol, Postal Police, etc.) writing a traffic ticket?

All enforcement of traffic laws is done by local and state police simply because all traffic laws are state statutes or local ordinances.

“We boys” in DC will stop messing with your traffic laws when your boys in the senate and congress, where we have no real vote yet pay taxes, stop trying to run our city. They tried to name one of our nicest streets (16th) after Ronald Reagan! NIMBY!

Park Rangers very commonly write speeding tickets in National Parks and sometimes the Forest Service cops will write tickets on roads that go through National Forest land. The federal code says that the traffic laws of the state they’re in apply, but the ticket you get is an actual Federal speeding ticket that gets handled through the US courts.

This is why.

Yea and next week we will need to drive on the left side of the road in New Jersey. :slight_smile: