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Tiburon Radio/Gauge Issues - Please help

Hello, I have a 2007 Hyundai Tiburon gt that has just now reached 100k miles. A couple months ago my car started doing this odd thing where the radio would cut out and then turn back on in about a second. This progressively got worse to where the radio would cut out, and so would the air, and then all the gauges (gas, rpm, speed, temperature) would all drop for about a second and then immediately go right back to where they were. It would mainly do this while in park, and rarely does it while I’m driving, however whenever it does it while I’m driving the car still drives fine. It stopped for a couple weeks but has now come back, and gets worse. Everytime I’m parked for a while then the radio and air will cut out, and then the gauges will drop then rise then drop again and then everything will be fine for a second and it’ll start it’s cycle again. I took it to the local car parts store and they hooked it up to the machine where it would show any codes wrong with it and nothing popped up. Has anyone experienced this or know what this might be? Please help!!

Electrical gremlins can often be cause by poor ground connections cause by corrosion. Very hard to find, easy to fix when you find them.