Car Gauge shuts off then turns back on while driving

I was driving today and randomly all the Gauges went down and came right back up. This happend like 6 times the whole drive every few minutes or so. Can someone tell me what the problem could mean


This is just a guess from afar, but I suspect that your alternator is failing.
I suggest getting it to a mechanic to have the alternator’s output checked before you wind up getting stranded, and before you also kill the battery.


@VDCdriver is most likely correct. You could also have a failing body control module.

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I suggest you first check the connection to the dash. It may be as simple as a loose connection.

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If you do work yourself, remove the alternator and take it to an auto parts store for testing. This is the second cheapest fix from the three alternatives above. While you are under the car, check the alternator connections first and see if they are corroded. If not, get the alternator test done. Finding other oxidized connections doesn’t cost money if you do it yourself, but it could take a long time.

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