2009 Chevrolet HHR - Gauges Turn On & Off

The gauges in my car will sometimes start turning on and off randomly, and often times the dash lights will also turn on and off in a similar fashion. The car still runs completely fine, no issue with headlights. Sometimes the turn signal seems to “freeze” if this gauge issue is happening when I use the turn signal.

I’ve also been having a problem with power getting to the after-market radio. When I replace the fuse it will work, but only for a couple of minutes. This happens every time I replace the fuse (even just taking the same fuse out and putting it right back in), not sure if this is related to the gauge issue.

Also, when I drive long enough with the gauges acting up, they will sometimes stop freaking out once the warning “SVC TIRE MONITOR” comes on. I’ve had this indicator before, but we thought it had been fixed. When this issue is not happening, all tire readings appear normal. When not, I have no readings from any tire.

Any thoughts to what may be the root of my problem? Many thanks in advance.

The problem might be caused by a failing Body Control Module.



For the instrument panel problem I suggest you make sure all the connections to it are making a good solid connection to the panel. One of them may be loose. The radio issue may be due to a bad power connection to it also.

I have the same problem with mine . What was causing the issue in yours?