Thunk in the back of the car after stop


Could you please give me an idea what would cause a thunk when my daughter comes to a stop in her 2004 BMW 325…we stop…and then…wait for it…klunk!

I suggested to her mechanic “rear end”…he said he didn’t know what I was talking about…help?!

The first step is to check for loose items in the trunk–including the spare tire, jack, and any assorted junk that is back there.

If that proves to be fruitless, then you might want to have a different mechanic check the rear suspension, the fuel tank hangers, and the exhaust system.

So you’re saying his daughter might have junk in her trunk?

After observing the bulk of people at the mall recently, I would say…probably.

thank you!
that is great advice!
transmission not the issue, you think?

Sure, it is possible that the transmission is the issue, but you first need to eliminate the other, cost-free possibilities.

Check the trunk, under the rear seat, and under the front seat for any objects that might be banging around. For that matter, you should also check to be sure that the battery is firmly secured.

While you are poking around her car, why not also check the trans fluid, to see its level, color, and odor?

Why do you think “rear end?” What, in the rear end (I’m thinking rear axle/differential when I say rear end), could possibly make this noise? Nothing I can think of.

Where does the noise seem to be coming from? You didn’t really tell us.

If the noise is coming from the rear of the vehicle I suggest you open the trunk lid and look for something sliding around.

If the noise is coming from somewhere else you need to tell us.

thank you!
Will let you know as soon as I check out your suggestions!