Thumping Tire noise

My car spun on ice, did a 360 and hit the barrier rail of the bridge.

The rear bumper was all scraped up and got pushed pushed out on the passenger side. I’ve replaced it but I’ve been hearing a thumping noise from the passenger side tire(not sure rear of front) and this is only noticeable on expressway with smooth asphalt and only under wet conditions.

The alignment was done after the accident but after taking the car to several service locations they did not hear any noise (we were driving in wet conditions.)

If you can get a friend to drive in another car behind you, drive on a road that you know this happens on, and find out if they see either of the wheels doing anything out of the ordinary.

My instinct is a blown shock/strut.


This could be a damaged tire and or wheel, you need to get it looked at ASAP, it could blow and cause an accident.

I’m thinking along the same lines as Bladecutter. Have someone check the shock absorbers and/or struts on the passenger side. If a shock or strut is bad it will allow the wheel to bounce up and down as you drive. This will cause cupping in the tire tread, and may explain the noise you hear while driving in wet conditions.

If one strut or shock is bad you’ll need a pair. Front or rear installed together.