Thumping noise coming from right tire when braking at high speeds?

Anything above 40 mph, if I brake then a thumping noise comes from the right tire. Very scary so I do not take the free way anymore.

There is no vibration or play in my steering wheel. Any idea what this maybe? It’s enough to feel the vibration of the constant thumps
2004 Kia amanti

Bad tire or warped brake rotor most likely. An inspection by a mechanic should find the problem


Is this dangerous?

Could be. A bad tire could go flat during a high speed turn and potentially cause loss of control or a roll-over. A warped rotor could increase stopping distance.

If it was the tire, wouldn’t I feel the car shaking as I’m pressing on the brakes? I only hear the thumping coming from the tire but no signs of shaking

I had a bad rear tire on my Corolla before, and I heard the thumping noise more when I wasn’t braking than during braking. I never felt much of a vibration either way. I’ve never had a bad front tire, so while I’d expect there would be some sensation in the steering wheel, don’t actually know for the front. It’s easy for a shop to check the rotor’s run-out, so that’s probably where to start in any event. Try to narrow down which tire it is. That will make it easier for the shop tech to get to the bottom of it. Were any of the tires removed recently for some reason? If so, it’s possible some of the lug nuts have come loose. That can cause a thumping noise. And a vibration. If so, that needs to be taken care of immediately.

If the tire is the problem, then yes, it could be dangerous. And no, you wouldn’t necessarily feel it in the brake pedal.

But it should be looked at very soon!

UPDATE: The rim had a crack in it!

Always ask questions when you are getting repairs. In this case I needed a new tire on that rim and when they were changing it I told them to inspect the rim
Had I never told them to inspect it, they’d probably never even checked and wouldve still had the problem!

Part of this doesn’t make sense. Cracks in wheels shouldn’t have thumps ONLY when braking at high speeds. I suspect there is also something else wrong.

1 new wheel and tire. Nice

brake problems are always dangerous, is your life worth more than I bad brake rotor or pads? Or a trip to the garage? Not trying to be a smart-ass but it’s just not worth it

How old are the tires? Have you inspected them? If not, an inspection might show a problem with the tires. It might also be a suspension problem. Get it checked out by your favorite shop.