Thumping Noise after new brakes

2001 Honda Odyssey. In July friend’s nephew installed new brakes for me. A few days later I had a thumping sound from the rear passenger side every time I apply the brakes. Had him and 2 other mechanics check. All looks good. None of them charged me to look. The last one said it might be a small defect in the manufacturing of the brakes causing them to hit up against the drum. The faster I go, the faster the thumping is when I apply the brakes, then slows down as I come to a stop. Looking for other opinions.

From what I see your Odyssey uses rear drum brakes. Some ideas

  • Raise & remove the affected wheel, then re-install it, hand-torqueing the lug nuts in the proper sequence, rounds of three, to the correct torque.

  • Remove the drums on both sides , & shoes , springs only on the affected side. Re-install the shoes and springs, comparing the problematic side to the good side as you go. Perhaps a mistake was made installing one or more of the parts on the passenger side rear.

  • Measure the RR drum run-out & check for other types of wobbling or drum warping.

  • Or just replace the RR drum

I had a similar problem when I put new drums on my 2007 Chrysler Town and Country. Putting the original drums back on solved the problem. Lots of aftermarket brake drums and rotors are inexpensive because they are cheaply made with lax quality control.