2011 Accord thumps when braking

Hello and thanks for reading.

Today my car made a pretty loud thump when I put it in reverse and slowly let go of the brake. I haven’t driven the car in 2 weeks. Afterwards, every time I brake there is a soft thumping sound that I can feel through the steering wheel, and the sound slows down with the speed of the car. I think I can also hear a very slight grinding noise while driving slowly in a quiet area.

I read in this forum to use the parking brake in an empty lot to see if its coming from the back tires. My question is, what was that loud thump in the beginning? Also, is it safe to drive to the mechanic (or can I fix it myself…I don’t have much money)?


Probably rust forming on the disc over the time it sat. It should wear it’s way out. You can drive slowly around the block with the brake partially engaged. If that improve the braking you know what it is. If it doesn’t, you should have the brakes looked at.


+1 to Dag’s post.
Rust on the discs was my first thought as well. If it doesn’t improve, the discs can be easily cleaned up with a “burnishing tool”. It’ll probably cost one hour’s shop time, assuming that’s the actual cause.