Throwout bearing for Mazda Miata


Tom & Ray suggested today, ^/3, that a lady just let the throwout bearing self distruct in her Miata and fix it when it finally failed. It seems to me that if she is planning to keep the car a new clutch and bearing are in order. That way she controls when the car goes in for repair, can shop price and arrange for transportation.


Letting a TO bearing self-destruct? That’s about as idiotic a suggestion as can be found anywhere.

What if it self-destructs while on a late night medical run to the emergency room?
What if it goes BANG when you’re trying to beat the freight train or 90,000 pounds of loaded Kenworth?

What if the ensuing explosion takes out the transmission case?

Jeez. Do a clutch job or get rid of the car.


Sometimes their statements are a little over the top. They probably mean that it won’t self-destruct and you should change it if the noise gets worse. I wish they would say that instead. I would say (if I think before I speak) to wait a month and change it if you want to keep the car. Who knows? The engine could self-destruct first and remove all questions.