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Throttle body actuator reimbursement

I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla Sport. After my car died, I had a throttle body actuator replaced in my car for over $900 by my mechanic that didn’t need to be replaced. My car worked for a couple of days, then died again. After I brought it to the Toyota dealer, they said that the faulty computer in the powertrain was my problem, which made the throttle body actuator look dead to my mechanic who didn’t have the tools that Toyota did to test it. Now, nobody wants to pay for the repair that I didn’t need. Who is at fault and should they have to pay for it? How can I get any money back? Thanks!

Without the old actuator it may be impossible to prove that it wasn’t defective. I’m sorry to say that I think you’ll either have to file in small claims court or “write thhis one off” and get on with your life.

Sorry, but I think this one is a writeoff.

I think that your mechanic may have replaced the part that was CONTROLLED, when the problem was the part that CONTROLS, possibly. This is a common problem with MANY mechanics.

I suspect you’re right Kit, but without the old part it’ll be tough to prove it was replaced unnecessarily and get the money back. Small claims court may be the only possible way.